Enrollment and change forms may be added and will be generated at time of enrollment. Change forms include demographic information only. To submit a change via a “printed” form to a carrier, add details relating to the change at time of submission.

1.    Confirm with the carrier that the selected form(s) is the form the carrier expects to receive.

2.    If evidence of insurability rules apply, add information to the INSTRUCTIONS field.

3.    Using a test employee, confirm the form is completed as expected.


Plan summaries, contracts/Evidence of Coverage and links to the carrier website are recommended resources and may be required for ERISA compliance.

To add a document:

1.    Click Upload.

2.    Click and Drag a document from your computer.

3.    Complete information.

  • More than one plan summary can be added and displayed only to specific LOCATIONS, DIVISIONS, OR JOB CLASSES.
    • If these are left blank the plan documents will display to all eligible employees.

4.    Click Save.