The BENEFIT field appears only for Short Term Disability (STD) as benefits may be offered as weekly or monthly. Confirm in plan summary.

1.    Select Benefits from the left navigation bar.

2.    Choose, your STD plan.

3.    From Plan Profile > Benefit, select either Weekly or Monthly from the drop menu.  

Employee Benefits


For company paid plans, select one of the following:

  • The Flat Amount available to employees.

  • If coverage is a multiple of salary, enter as follows:
  1. EMPLOYEE BENEFIT is X Earnings
  2. X EARNINGS or multiple of salary
  • Example: "2" for 2x salary with a minimum and maximum coverage amounts.
  • If the plan allows the employees to choose a multiple of salary, the entry in the X EARNINGS field would be listed as 1;2;3;4;5 depending on how many multiples of salary the employee can choose.



For Voluntary Life/AD&D, the coverage amounts will most likely be in Increments.

  1. Enter lowest amount possible in INCREMENTS FROM and the highest amount possible in INCREMENTS TO.
  2. The INCREMENTS BY field is the increment amount.

While most plans use flat amount, x salary or increments, there will be times that the coverage offered does not follow one of these:

  1. Select Custom from Employee Benefit drop menu.
  2. Add custom values provided in the plan summary to Amounts using a semi-colon to separate them.


To add Spouse and Dependent Benefits, click here.