Disability Plans use both a waiting period and an elimination period as well as a maximum period for which they pay benefits. All must be established in EaseCentral.

The ELIMINATION PERIOD is a period of continuous disability which must be satisfied before an employee is eligible to receive short term disability benefit payments.

  • The elimination period begins on the day an employee become disabled and lasts a stated period of time.
  • It is different from the plan Waiting Period, set in Eligibility.
  • Is usually in days.

The MAX PAYMENT PERIOD is the maximum benefit payment period for which a benefit is payable, following completion of the Elimination Period, for any one disability.

  • Max payment period is usually in weeks.
  • May be set as an age limit, such as Age 65 or “until SSN retirement age”

  1. Review the plan summary.
  2. Add ELIMINATION PERIOD in days.
  3. Add MAX PAYMENT PERIOD in weeks.