Group and Voluntary Life and AD&D as well as Critical Illness coverage may be reduced as employees age. Review the plan summary for details.


  • Even if age reduction stops at age 70, enter the same age reduction amount in any subsequent age fields so the system continues to reduce the appropriate coverage from the original amount.
  • Spouse’s age determination affects rates and coverage reduction.
  • See Age Determination Options for details regarding how the system determines enrollee's age.

Age Reduction

If Age Reduction applies:

  1. If plan summary notes reduction as percentage of coverage at each age instead of reduction amount, convert before entering.
  2. Enter each age reduction as the percentage taken from the original coverage when employees reach age 65, 70, etc.

Spouse Age

Spouse Age may be determined by their own age or by the Employee’s age

  1. Mark Base Spouse Age Off Employee Age if appropriate. 
    • Otherwise, spouse’s age will be determined based on his or her age.