Voluntary SPOUSE BENEFIT may be set as Flat Amount, % Employee, Increments or Custom.

  • For Flat Amount, enter amount as outlined in the plan summary.
  • When Increments are offered, usually the plan allows employees to choose the benefit amount in increments up to 50% of an employee's coverage.
    • The INCREMENT option is the most commonly used option.
    • MAX % EMPLOYEE would then designate "50".
    • GUARANTEED ISSUE is usually based on MAX % EMPLOYEE. If 50%, calculate GI as 50% of the GI set for the Employee.

  • % EMPLOYEE option is used if the spouse coverage amount equals a certain percentage of an employee's coverage without the option to choose amounts in increments.

Voluntary CHILD BENEFIT is basically set up the same way as SPOUSE using the appropriate percentages and limits established in the plan summary.