To allow employees access to elect benefits during Open Enrollment, the broker and/or company administrator must complete Open Enrollment Details.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Select Benefits.
  2. Select Open Enrollment.
  3. Add START DATE.
    • The START DATE, the first date employees can make changes, activates at 12:00 Midnight in the employee’s time zone.
  4. Add END DATE.
    • The END DATE, the last date of open enrollment for which an employee can make changes, deactivates at 11:59 PM in the employee’s time zone.
  5. Mark CUSTOMIZE PLANS? To select specific plans for Open Enrollment.
    • Allows new hires to make their elections during open enrollment.
    • Allows certain plans to be selected as renewing/open enrollment plans.
  6. Mark LATE OPEN ENROLLMENT? only if the company's open enrollment occurs with START DATE or END DATE after the plan renewal date.
  7. Mark the check box next to each plan that employees may elect or make changes to during Open Enrollment.
    • If only some plans renew during an open enrollment period, the non-renewing plans do not have to be closed before Open Enrollment starts.

Employees are allowed, by default, to make benefit changes during their new hire eligibility, open enrollment, and throughout the year by entering a qualifying event. 

  • To review details about enrollment due to qualifying events, click here.

Brokers and Company Administrators have the option to lock enrollment.
  • To review details about locking enrollment, click here.

Please view the below video for how to set up and manage open enrollment dates.