For salary or volume based benefits with complicated rate structures based on Benefit Amounts instead of Per Unit, custom rates may be imported.


  • Use the system-provided template that matches the rate type you wish to provide in the company portal: Table, Tier or Tier-Table.
  • As with all import templates, maintain column headers as they are provided in the template.
    • As we created specific templates with the required fields for each rate type, do not delete columns. 
  • Carrier-provided rate tables may require you to flip rows to columns and columns to rows in order to use our template.

To import custom rates using a template:

1.    From Company > Benefits > [plan] > Rates, for RATE TYPE, choose Custom.

2.    Select Custom Rate Template.

3.    Add custom rates to template and save to local drive.

  • See Customize Import File below.

4.    Click Choose File and select your file.

5.    Click Upload Custom Rates.

6.     Note PER UNIT is Using Custom Rates.

7.    To view rates, click Download.

  • The imported .csv file is displayed.

Customize Import File

  • Attached are templates for Table, Tier and Tier-Table Rate Types.
  • Also attached is a template that combines All options (see image above) if column headers for more complex rate structures are needed.

To customize a specific template:

  1. Choose the template that works best for your rates: Tier, Table or Tier-Table. 
  2. Column A contains the Rate Type; use as is, duplicating for all rows.
  3. In Column B, add the Benefit Amounts provided by the carrier.
    • If Tobacco or spouse rates are included, add multiple rows per benefit amount.
  4. If Tobacco rates are included, add 2 rows for each benefit amount and in Tobacco Use column, add Yes in row with Tobacco rates and No in row with non-Tobacco rates.
  5. If Spouse rates are included, add 2 rows for each benefit amount and in Spouse column, add Yes in row with spouse rates and No in row with employee rates. If Spouse age should be based off EE age, add Yes in Base Spouse Age Off Employee column.
  6. If both Tobacco and Spouse rates are included, add 4 rows (EE Non-Tobacco, EE Tobacco, SP Non-Tobacco and SP Tobacco) and add Yes and No for each set of 2 rows as defined in steps 4 and 5.
  7. Add rates provided by carrier.
    • For Table, rates are age banded, include all that apply to appropriately titled columns.
    • For Tier, include rates for Employee, Spouse, Child(ren) and/or Dependents (combination of spouse and children as a single rate).
    • For Tier-Table, rate columns are titled in age banded groups for the following: EE only, EE + Spouse, EE + Child(ren) and Family, include all that apply to appropriately titled columns.