To ensure that your employees have a smooth enrollment, complete the following:

1.    Confirm with broker that the portal is ready for open enrollment.

2.    If not completed by broker, reset progress from Benefits > Progress.

  • Progress should only be reset just before open enrollment.
  • Do not reset while employees are enrolling. 

3.    Confirm START DATE and END DATE are set as expected. 

  • Open Enrollment will start at 12:00 Midnight in time zone noted in the computer used by the employee on the START DATE.  
  • The END DATE is the last date of open enrollment for which an employee can make changes. Open enrollment will deactivate at 11:59 pm in the employee’s time zone on the date entered here. 

4.    Test enrollment by completing your enrollment from your Personal Profile.

5.    Verify eligibility, rates and contributions are as expected.

6.    Review documents and links to confirm information is correct.

7.    Notify employees.

  • Check Logins screen and Send Logins to employees with email addresses. Update the message to include any pertinent open enrollment information.

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