Your broker will work with you to set up and establish necessary Locations, Departments, Divisions, Job Classes and Job Titles.  

  • While, this information may be useful for reporting purposes, Locations, Divisions, Job Classes, and Departments may be used to determine eligibility for plans, rates, contributions and/or waiting periods.  
    • If organization types are being used in the portal, it is best practice to assign a type (location, department, division, job class) to each employee. 
  • Do not make changes to the organization without first discussing the impact on benefit plan eligibility, etc. with your broker.
  • If HRIS features are enabled, Locations, Departments, Divisions, and Job Classes can be used to determine eligibility for different Time Off policies. 
    • They may also display to employees in the employee Directory and allow employees to filter the Directory view by these organization types. 
    • Company Stats show metrics based on the organization types entered. 


  • As long as an employee is assigned to a Location, Department, Division, Job Class or Job Title, you cannot delete it from the organization.

To add information about your organization:

1.   From Profile > Organization, click Actions.

2.    Choose which organizational information you wish to add.

3.    See details for each below.

4.    Add organizational information for each employee as needed in their Profile > Employment.

  • Discuss with your broker if you would like to import this information for all employees at the same time.


  • The first one is automatically assigned as Headquarters, but this can be deselected if needed and assigned to any other locations added. 
  • If using EaseCentral for ACA Reporting, address is required for 1094 and 1095s.
  • For integration with carriers or other partners such as payroll, location details may be required. 

1.    Add information to Add Location fields.

2.    Mark HEADQUARTERS, if needed. 

3.    Click Add Location.

Departments and Divisions

  • Both may be used for the HRIS organization chart and reports.
  • However, eligibility for benefits may be tied to specific departments and/or divisions as well.

1.    Enter a Department or Division NAME.

2.    Click Add Department or Add Division.


Job Classes

  • Eligibility for benefits, rates, contributions and the documents provided are normally tied to specific job classes per the Plan Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC).

1.    Enter a Job Class NAME.

2.    Click Add Job Class.

Job Titles

  • Job Titles are for internal use, HRIS or sorting/filtering/searching reports.
  • Job Titles are NOT used to determine eligibility, rates, contributions or access to documents.
  • If employees with a specific title require their own eligibility class, rate, contribution or documents, create a Job Class and add the employees with that title.

1.    Enter a Job Title NAME.

2.    Click Add Job Title.

To delete any part of an organization:

1.    Click Edit next to the item.

  • Note, Employees must equal "0".

2.    Click Delete.

3.    Click Yes, Delete to confirm.