Pay Schedules useful but are not always required.

You may need a pay schedule if:

  • You offer plans where you want to use the remaining pay periods to determine deduction amounts (such as an HSA or FSA plan)
  • You use the HRIS module for time off calculation
  • You track hours in EaseCentral for ACA reporting


  • Pay schedules can span multiple years. It is important for the pay schedule to cover the entire plan year. We recommend uploading two years at a time.

  1. Go to company Profile.
  2. Click Pay Schedules.
  3. Click Add Pay Schedule.
  4. Enter the Name.
  5. Click Add Payroll Schedule.
    • You are able to individually add or import pay periods.

Add Pay Periods

1. Click Actions.

2. Choose Add Pay Period.


3. Enter START DATE and END DATE for a specific Pay Period.

4. Click Add Pay Period.

Import Pay Periods

1.    Click Actions.

2.    Select Import Pay Periods.

3. Click Pay Period Template link to download the template.

4. Enter the Name of the pay period exactly as it appears in the system.

5. Enter Start, End and Process dates for each pay period.

  • Process date should match the End date for the pay period.

6. Save the file.

  • The name on the import file must match the pay period name exactly.

7. Select Choose File and then select the file from your computer.

8. Click Actions.

9. Choose Import.

  • You may Test Import first to see if there are errors.