People noted as managers for other employees in Employee > Profile > Employment > Manager are able to view and approve time off requests for their direct reports.

To approve Time Off requests:

1.    Click Time Off from the  DASHBOARD.

2.   Click Edit next to the request.

3.    Make edits and/or add information.

  • The employee's time off request can be edited at this point or later if the request needs to be updated.
  • If the employee's time off request should be tracked as unpaid, mark the UNPAID checkbox.
    • This may be used when an employee is allowed to request time off when there is a negative balance, and the time off taken is tracked as unpaid. 
    • Unpaid time off does not subtract hours from the employee's paid-time off balance. 
  • The STOP ACCRUAL? option is used typically when an employee requests a Leave of Absence. 
    • Employees, in many cases, should not accrue time off when on leave. 
    • The STOP ACCRUAL? option stops accruals from all policies, in addition to the policy type the employee has requested. 
  •   If the employee cancels their time off request HR Managers, Managers, or Company Administrators can change the STATUS to Canceled. 
  •  The OPTIONAL MESSAGE TO EMPLOYEE is included in an email alert sent to the employee as soon as the time off request STATUS has been updated and saved. 

4.    Click Save.     

5.    Click Approve or Deny.