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When a company administrator HRIS > Time Off,  the Calendar displays all employee time off requests for the current month. 


  • Each request displays in a different color based on the type of time off request. 
  • A color key for the time off policy types displays below the calendar. 

  • If there is a large number of requests on the same day, not all requests will automatically display but can be easily accessed by selecting the +2 more, +3 more, +4 more, etc., option at the bottom of the calendar day.

  • The current day is highlighted with a light green background.
  • To easily identify company-provided holidays, holidays are highlighted with a light pink background. 
    • These can be edited in Time Off > Holidays.

To view or update an employee's Time Off:

1.    Click the employee's name.

  • This page displays each policy the employee is eligible for and the current balance of hours for each policy for the current policy year.
  • All requests made by the employee or entered on behalf of the employee are listed at the bottom of the page. 

2. To update a request, continue to Manager Time Off Requests.

  • This option may be used if an employee's vacation is extended and the START DATE or END DATE need to be adjusted.