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The EaseCentral Org Chart is designed to display a vertical view of the company's organization and structure. The Org Chart allows company administrators to achieve company objectives by clearly illustrating relations, responsibilities, and communications between employees within the company.

  • The Org Chart feature is only visible to company administrators, it is not visible or accessible by non-company administrator employees. 
  • The broker is able to assign different company administrators as needed.

Employees in the Org Chart page can be filtered by specific Organization Types like Location, Department, and Division. 

  • When filtered by an Organization Type, only employees assigned to the Location, Department, and Division display. 
    • Division and Department display only if they are established in Company > Profile > Organization
  • If employees report to one manager across multiple Locations, Departments, or Divisions, they are displayed according to each Organization Type. 

To filter the chart:

1.    Next to Location, Department or Division, click down arrow.

2.    Choose from the list.

3.    To see a full view of direct reports for managers across organization types, set the Location, Department, and/or Division filters to All.

To find a specific employee:

1.   Enter the employee's name, or part of the name, in Find Employee

  • You are immediately directed to the employee's position within the organizational structure.