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Company administrators can view employee survey responses from HRIS > Surveys.

To view status and results for a specific survey:

1.    Click View next to the survey or the linked survey name to view questions within the survey.

2.    Review Due Date, Status and number of Responses.

To review details of survey setup and status:

1.    Select Overview for an overall look.


2.    Select Responses to access employee Status and Submit Date.

3.    Click View next to employee name to see individual responses.

4.    Select Stats to see statistics related to the combined response of all employees.

5.    To export the detailed responses for all employees to Microsoft Excel, click Export.

Company administrators can send a reminder email to employees to complete and sign the survey.

To send a reminder email:

1.    Click Actions.

2.    Choose Send Reminder.

3.    Choose TEMPLATE.

4.    Enter SUBJECT.

5.    Customize MESSAGE.

  • Ensure that any mapped fields, denoted with [ ]s, are maintained.
  • Specifically [URL] as it provides a link to a unique URL for each employee to complete the survey.

6.    Click the linked notation of the number of employees Sending to to view the list.

7.    Click Send.

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