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The first step to create a review will be to Add Questions for the employee or manager to answer during their review.


Questions can be added to allow for many types of responses.

  • The order of the answers can be changed by clicking and holding the and dragging the question to the appropriate order.

To add possible answers when a single or multiple response from a list of answers is required:


Single Answer:

  • Allows an employee to choose one answer from a drop-down list of choices. 


Multiple Answer:

  • Similar to the Single Answer question, only when employees or managers respond to this question they can select all options that are applicable. 
    • They are not limited to a single response. 

1.    From Add Questions, click option to add answers an employee can select. 

2.    If the employee can enter their own answer if none of the answers are applicable, choose Allow other answer

3.    If the Question is required mark the check box. 

4.    Click Add Question

Rating Scale:

  • Allows employees and managers to choose a numerical value to rate their performance or performance of their peers. 
  • The lowest rate will be 1 and the highest possible rate can be designated from 1 - 10.

1.    Enter Survey Question.

2.    Enter Lower Bound Label (Optional).

3.    Click down arrow and choose highest possible rate.

4.    Enter Upper Bound Label (Optional).

5.    If Question is Required, mark box.

6.    Click Add Question.

Star Rating:

  • Similar to the Rating Scale where employees can choose a value or star. 
  • The lowest star value is 1 and the highest Number of Stars option can designated with options from 1 - 10.

1.    Enter Question.

2.    Click down arrow and choose highest possible number of stars.

3.    If Question is Required, mark box.

4.    Click Add Question.

To add the ability for possible answers to be in text form:


1.    From Add Questions, click text type option. 

2.    Enter Question.

2.    If Question is Required, mark box.

3.    Click Add Question.

Long Text:

  • Allows employees and managers to respond to an open ended question with a maximum of 600 characters included in their responses.

Short Text

  • Used for short-open ended answers with a maximum character count of 200 for the employee or manager's response.

To update existing questions, see Update Review Questions.