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Performance Reviews can be viewed by Company Administrators and Managers.

  • The company administrator can view the responses for all employees in EaseCentral. 
  • Managers can access reviews they have been assigned to complete in the Direct Report Manager Reviews.
  • Managers can see the responses to reviews sent directly to their direct reports by the company administrator in the Direct Report Self-Assessments.
  • Managers do not have access to view responses for employees other than his/her direct reports.

To complete an assigned Performance Review: 

1.    Select Direct Report Manager Reviews

2.    Click Start, Continue, or View next to the Review.   

3.    Continue to Complete Performance Review.

To view results of Performance Reviews sent by a Company Administrator:

1.    Select Direct Report Self-Assessments.

2.    Click View next to the Review.

3.    Review employee responses.

Company administrators can remind employees or managers to complete assigned reviews.

To send a reminder email:

1.    From HRIS > Reviews, click Send Reminder.

2.    Choose TEMPLATE.

3.    Enter SUBJECT.

4.    Customize MESSAGE.

  • Ensure that any mapped fields, denoted with [ ]s, are maintained.
  • Specifically [URL] as it provides a link to a unique URL for each employee to complete the review.

5.    Click the linked notation of the number of employees Sending to to view the list.

6.    Click Send.