Previous Create Performance Reviews

After creating all review questions, company administrators can send the review to an employee or manager.

  • The review can be sent to All Managers, all employees in certain organization groups, like Locations, Departments, Divisions, Job Classes, or Job Titles or to specific employees.
  • Managers do not have access to create performance reviews, but they can complete reviews for their direct reports and also view any self-assessment reviews completed by their direct reports.


  • Employees only display as an option to choose if they are assigned a Manager in Employee > Profile > Employment. 

1.    Select Choose Your Audience

2.    Choose the organization type(s) to receive the review request. 

3.    Select the manager's name from Search for an employee.

  • When a company administrator creates a review for a manager to review all of his/her direct reports, the company administrator only needs to choose the manager's name in the Search for an employee option. 
  • That manager receives a separate review for each of his/her direct reports. 

4.    Select Finalize & Send.


5.    For This review should be sent out:, choose either Immediately or On a specific date.

6.    If On a specific date is chosen, enter the date in MM/DD/YYYY format.

7.    For This review should be completed and signed by:, enter the date.

8.    Click Send Reviews.

9.    Choose a TEMPLATE.

10.  Enter a SUBJECT.

11.  Customize MESSAGE.

  • Fields in [ ] are mapped from data in EaseCentral.
  • Do not delete or change [URL] as it provides a direct link to the specific performance review for each employee.