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Most fields, like FEDERAL TAX ID (EIN) and SIC CODE, are optional but may be required on various carrier forms and censuses. 

Administrative Access

Choose an AGENT. AGENT options come from employees added in the Broker portal. The AGENT will have access to view and edit the portal. The AGENT should typically be the main agency representative for the company. Enrollment forms may ask for an agent name and when applicable, this name will be printed. 


Choose one or more TEAMs. TEAM options are based off teams added in the Broker Profile > Organization which is only accessible by portal administrators. TEAMS allow you to assign certain broker employees access to specific client sites. 


Choose one or many COMPANY ADMINS if you would like to grant HR Manager access to the company. COMPANY ADMINS options won't display until employees have been added into the site. COMPANY ADMINS can be added at any time. 



When applicable, benefit eligibility can be determined based on Locations, Divisions, Departments, and Job Classes or any combination of the four. Each plan will have an Eligibility section where organization types can be included. By assigning employees to these organizations types, eligibility rules can be enforced for rates, contributions, policy numbers, billing subgroup numbers, tax determination, and waiting periods. Each employee can be assigned to an Organization by importing or entering manually on each of their profile pages. Click Actions to add an Organization type.


The Company address will be added as a Location in the Organization section. The City entered when adding the company will be added as a Location. It will automatically be assigned as Headquarters, but this can be deselected if needed and assigned to any other locations added. Click Edit next to the Location name to enter additional information.  

For information about Pay Schedules, click here.